The Paleo Diet.Eating the way we were meant to eat.


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Sorry for not posting recently.. I was away at the mountains.. for some fresh air and well.. just to take my mind of things and simply relax a little..

Here are some pics..

It was really hard getting there, but worth every second …


The tents..

campingThe camping fire..

fireYou can imagine how fun it was being there.. I truly recommend a break like this.. 3 days that felt like 3 months..



10 August. Day one.

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Let’s see..

Woke up at 9:30.

Went at the gym at 10:30, did the classic chest and biceps followed by 10 min of HIIT.

After an hour I ate this:

200gr catfish and 300gr springbeans

200gr catfish and 300gr springbeans

Next meal (after 4 hours):

3 large egg omelet

3 large eggs omelet

With every meal I had a big portion of this:

2 large tomatoes, 2 large cucumbers, 1 onion, olive oil and vinegar

2 large tomatoes, 2 large cucumbers, 1 onion, olive oil and vinegar

Nutritional breakdown:

999kcal/ 65gr prot, 56gr fat, 71gr carbs, 21gr fibre

Fasted for 18 hours.

I’ll write about intermittent fasting in the near future.

The Plan..

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So, the plan goes like this.

I’ll try to do my best and post everyday about what I ate that day and what exercises I did. As you already figured out, I will follow a  primal diet, I started it 3 months ago, but not 100% clean.

I know this is not the best way to go, when I’m in.. I’m really in. It’s all or nothing, I guess it’s not the best way of handling things, but this really works for me. Everything is planned out and prepared, the meals, the exercises. I will make primal recipes and share them with you.. it’s gonna be fun 😛agenda

Regarding the exercises, it gets a little tricky. Technically since I’m following the Primal Diet, I should be doing the Primal Exercises.. the classics.. I will try to make as many bodyweight  exercises as I can, but I can’t go further – living in a match box (aka apartment), in a big city doesn’t come with many opportunities when it comes to wildly training. I will have to think about some goals though..

My theory goes like this: As long as you always keep moving, you’re good.

The diet..well.. meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts (not a big fan of fruits) This is what you’re going to see in my future posts. I will focus more on the lean protein and unsaturated fats, omega 3’s, such and such (less animal fat). It’s not that I’m against fat (Hell no!) but, i just started reading Loren Cordain – The Paleo Diet and in the first chapter he describes why the paleo diet it’s not just a low carb diet, but I will talk about this in other entries.

Wish me luck… I’m going in! 😀

Starting next Monday..

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I love this expression… starting next Monday 😛

Seriously. This is the reason I started this blog in the first place, since my life changed a bit (more) and a lot of changes took place, I had to change my diet (evil forces), well.. I didn’t have to, but it was more in my comfort zone to do so. In other words, it was easier for me to follow a “normal” diet, still low-carb, but with more cheating days (to say it nicely). Bottom line is that I gained some weight, not too much, just enough to make me wake up. Therefore, what I’m going to do is this:

I’ll write in this blog whenever I can about what I ate that day and what exercises I did, I’m gonna try to take a picture with my every meal. I’ll write the nutritional breakdown and comments when it’s needed. Intermittent fasting and whatnot.

At the same time I’m going to write about articles I recently read (scientific) and all kind of things I find intriguing– all of them related to the primal diet.

“Talk” to you soon..