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Dieting and Hunger..

Posted in Diet by eatingpaleo on September 7, 2009

I fasted yesterday and.. obviously, at a point.. I got hungry.. So there I was.. hungry and bored. The combination that1082397_40223402 can only lead to failure..  I’ll give you one hint, when you want to fast, chose the busies day possible. There’s nothing worse than thinking about food all day long.

When you think about hunger you have to keep in mind two things (hormones): leptin and ghrelin. Long story short, when you eat, adipocytes trigger the release of leptin into the body, as the level increases, there will be a reduction in the motivation to eat. After a couple of hours, leptin levels will drop and this will cause the release of ghrelin, which brings back the feeling of hunger.

Now that we settled this.. what about the hunger pangs? It goes like this: they are actually contractions that take place in the stomach. Usually they begin after 12 to 24 hours after your last meal. You will have the pangs for 30-45 minutes, after that, though, you’re clear for 30-150 minutes.. and so on..

Since we are on a Paleo Diet blog.. it’s normal to make a connection, here it is. Personally, I don’t think we were meant to have a constant supply of food at our hand 24/7 – think about Grok, he didn’t haunt every day – as we have now. Being hungry is somehow to key to weight-loss. Honestly, I was never good at 6 meals per day, having food in your system all day will actually keep you from burning fat(not weight).

Your body has to use the stored energy source, meaning : bodyfat. He does this best:

1. after an workout

2. through fasting

What’s your pick?

Guys.. the only good advice I can give you is this: Accept it! That’s just the way it is. You want to lose weight? expect being hungry from time to time, you’ll get used to it. Personally, I much rather have an emptiness feeling than the “filled” one. Forget what you have been led to believe.. hunger is natural!

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